Dopamine Eating Chicken in Summer

Clam? Eating chicken can be dopamine!

At the beginning of summer, the temperature goes up

McDonald's Partners with One80 Shanghai Team

With a dopamine-packed visual chicken blockbuster.

Getting the summer vibe going early

30s video is here, whoever pokes first, gets high first.


Speaking of chicken, yes.

It's the chicken you're thinking of.

This summer, McDonald's crosses over to the Peaceful Elite with the "Chicken Plate."

How to call on restless souls

Chicken at McDonald's.

We bring our eyes back together to the

This summer is a little different.


 It's the first summer after full liberalization

Hilarity, no longer boxed into a cell phone screen

Thinking about it and no longer being boxed into a video conversation

Summer, no more being boxed into a room of one's own

It's time to break out of the box and meet the people you want to meet.

Share Fancy Bites from the New McMuffin Chicken Plate

Let the atmosphere be full, let the colorful full open


 You don't have to put them together anymore.

One funky chicken ball can be skinned together



No more karaoke.

We're going to an island music festival.

It's just as easy to get a call on the spot.


 You don't have to just eat chicken in the game

Meet your best chicken friends at the exclusive Chicken Corner in McMurray.

Let's have a good laugh.

Real Chicken Tournament


Three typical summer scenarios incorporating different products for eating chicken plates

We are more on a visual level

Strengthening the "sense of sharing" with "colorful ripples"

Every time you share, a ripple of colorfulness swirls out

It's like an ever-expanding summer of joy.

Passing between us indefinitely



Among the brand marketing matrix today

Short videos are an essential part of

One Eighty Shanghai Team Pushes Creative Limits This Time Around

Synchronized with the director's production team on set

Take existing material and think outside the box.

Maximize the use of the logic of the Jitterbug ecosystem

Eventually creating a new

5 short videos with full social attributes


From "The Right Way to Open a BFF Photo"

 To "Metaphysical Chicken Turning for Chicken Success"

From "Chicken for Different Zodiac Signs."

Go to "Summer Fun for I's and E's."

hit the nail on the head

And cleverly blends the chicken plate with the summer scene

Multi-dimensional reinforcement of the sharing concept of this campaign


The main movie is over, and a big wave of eggs is coming up ahead!




Leave Fall and Winter Behind

Say goodbye to spring.

It's time to break out of the box this summer.

With the new McMuffin Chicken Plate.

Let's eat chicken.

No absence this summer


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