The moon is the brightness of our hometown, and we drink wine to honor our homesickness

This Mid Autumn Festival, we made millions of moons

Before starting, please consider one question:
/Since when did you truly understand "the moon is the brightness of your hometown"/
If the Spring Festival is a journey for 1.4 billion people across the country to reunite, then the Mid Autumn Festival is more of a solo play about "missing". Throughout history, it has always been.
Thinking of his younger brother, Su Shi drank and asked the sky to express his wishes: "I hope people will last forever, and we can share the beauty of the moon for thousands of miles
Remembering his friend, Li Bai could only plead with Mingyue: "I send my sorrow to Mingyue and follow you until the west of Yelang
With deep homesickness, Bai Juyi looked into the distance and sighed, "Where is the northwest looking at my hometown? How many rounds of the moon can be seen in the southeast
Perhaps it is precisely because the moon has its ups and downs, which is like the reunion and separation between us and our loved ones and our beloved hometown. So on the Mid-Autumn Festival, the day when the moon is the most perfect, we cherish its beauty and place deep feelings on the moon. The Mid Autumn Festival bright moon has become a lingering longing in our hearts.
When did you truly understand "the moon is the hometown of Ming" when you returned to the article? Perhaps we can find the answer in this Mid Autumn Festival commercial film we filmed for Xijiu.
Modern advertising is increasingly emphasizing emotional resonance and storytelling, as consumers today not only care about product experience, but also about brand values and emotional connections with the brand. "Every more person looking up at the sky on the ground, there will be a round of missing moon in the sky". 180 helped Xi Jiu use emotional marketing strategies to attract consumers during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The combination of the three intentions of month, wine and reunion is the expression and expression of Xi Jiu's emotional value, which sublimates the theme of "the moon is the bright hometown, and Xi Jiu respects the hometown", thus triggering the emotional resonance of the audience, Helps brands establish deeper emotional connections with consumers, enhancing brand awareness and loyalty.
At the same time, the 15s short version was released on CCTV media, and after its initial exposure, it sparked more people's nostalgia for the Mid Autumn Festival.


A two-way journey of emotional communication

Compared to 9.6 million square kilometers of land, the moon has only one; But for the 1.4 billion people living on the land, there are many moons in their hometown, and the longing for their hometown is even greater. We have left our hometown and experienced the magnificent moon in cities of all sizes, but we have a special fondness for the bright moon in our hometown. It stays quietly in our hearts, illuminating the direction for every wanderer to return home. There is a father who loves to laugh, a familiar dialect, a mother's specialty dish, and the laughter and joy of the whole family. The moon is a memory switch.

When an old father in Shaanxi took pictures of the moon in his hometown and showed it to his daughter from a foreign land;

When the delivery boy in Nanjing saw a signboard with his hometown Guangdong written on it;

When urban builders in Changsha think of the mooncakes made by their mother;

When a private restaurant owner in Chongqing reunites with fellow villagers from Hunan in a foreign land;

When young white-collar workers in Shanghai remembered watching the moon with their father when they were children;

When they look up at the sky, every bit of their hometown will come to their hearts and turn into a bright moon in front of them. That is the moon they are most familiar with, it is the moon of their hometown.

The bright moon flows and rises to the sky, covering every city. Guangdong, Kunming, Suzhou, Xilingol, Lhasa, Haikou, Taipei, Yantai... On a land of 9.6 million square kilometers, for every person on the ground who looks up at the sky, there is an extra round of missing moon in the sky.


Finally, a set of character story posters will be launched in sync with the video.


The perfect fusion of creativity and technology

Five cities, five stories, five thoughts, and 10 days of wandering to five places, from Shanghai to Turpan in Xinjiang. The time left for us is not much, but the story volume left for us is very large. To perfectly present the most delicate emotions of each character, every detail is crucial.


So from creativity, screenwriting, to director and song creation, all are completed by 180. All processes are fully inclusive, only to ultimately present emotional resonance that touches the heart. During the filming process, in order to simulate the real moonlight effect, we used large equipment such as telescopic cannons, cranes, and tower cranes, most of which were only visible during film filming. In scenes without conditions, he even created a "silly method" of hanging lights under helium balloons. Various operations are also considered the first example in the advertising film.

Efforts may seem laborious and even impractical, but when everyone first sees the "moonlight" from the surveillance screen, all of these efforts are worth it. You can see the moon illuminating the entire village, the moon walking side by side with the girl, the moon illuminating the entire tunnel entrance, the moon slowly rising from the terrace... The moonlight slowly crawls over their longing faces, harmonious, quiet, and romantic, just as they truly see their deepest longing in their hearts.

If longing is the foundation of the entire film, then completeness is the ultimate destination of emotions. In the film, everyone's longing slowly unfolds, and in the end, the circular moon transforms into a circular wine, as if every viewer and their own longing have also gone to a complete scene.

The ending song is the sublimation of all emotions. The original song is a traditional northwest folk song. Based on the "Moon Lord", we have re created the lyrics and songs, singing a few simple sentences. Missing is not much to say at this moment, and missing seems to have said a lot at this moment

The moon is ten feet tall

The children leaving home are wandering around

The stars shine brightly on the road, swaying brightly

Falling into the bright eyes

How many stars are there in the sky

Countless flowers on the ground

How far is the way home

Walking day and night is not afraid of length

The moon is ten feet tall

The mother who misses children is in her hometown

Ji Xianlin once wrote in his collection of essays, I only stayed in my hometown for six years, and after that, I left my hometown and wandered around the world... I have seen many moons... These moons should be said to be incredibly beautiful... But when I see them, I immediately think of the little moon above the reed pit and in the water in my hometown... These big moons of the vast world cannot compare to my beloved little moon. The moon is bright in my hometown, and I look to the south sky with my heart flying towards my hometown

The Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, and if you also miss home,

Then look up at the moon!

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