Choosing quality is choosing life

The Secret of Quality Life: Hengjie Only Becomes a "True" Self

With the strong rise of new middle class groups such as those born in the 1990s and 2000s
Ushered in a golden era of new domestic product development
However, the new generation of consumers no longer pays for the brand's self promotion
But more to find brands that resonate with their values
Established for 25 years, HeGII is a leading brand in domestic bathroom products
Actively embrace change and seek the brand's upward path
After inspiring competition, we have successfully joined hands with HeGII to shoulder the heavy responsibility of brand rejuvenation this time
Assist in the Battle of Comprehensive Upgrade of HeGII Bathroom
Based on the brand's new proposition of "choosing quality is choosing life"
We take 'quality' as the anchor point
Deeply Exploring the Distinctive Attitudes of Contemporary Consumers towards Life - Relatively True
Behind the scenes of taking things seriously again and again
Implied is the pursuit of high standards and a commitment to high-quality living


A two-way journey between brands and young people in their attitudes towards life

"The more you take life seriously, the more it takes you seriously"

Brand spokesperson's main vision

The ideal quality of life stems from every genuine persistence

We invite Song Jia, a talented actor who also has a strong sense of authenticity in fields such as acting and fashion

Becoming the spokesperson for HeGII's new brand proposition

We have created a brand attitude blockbuster for HeGII

From the Perspective of Quality Life Home by Song Jia

Interpreting the life philosophy of "the more you take life seriously, the more serious it takes you"

Through a mirror, Song Jia traversed two spaces

Interpret and convey her 'genuine' attitude towards quality living

All the beautiful details are hidden in the seriousness of life

Persist in the pursuit of high standards in order to have a high-quality life


HeGII's new attitude blockbuster dominates Asia's largest 3D screen, the Asian Light giant screen


All the beautiful details are hidden in the seriousness of life

We also collaborated with attitude media NetEase

Asking questions to young people

#What do you want to be more serious about in life#

Exploring the Different Faces of Realistic Life in the Popular Debate

Let more consumers understand the significance of HeGII's new brand attitude


A Lifestyle Change Belonging to Every Consumer

Give ordinary daily life a texture from now on

In order to better convey the role of HeGII as an "expert in all sanitary space solutions"

We also produced a group photo film that covers different consumers

Connect HeGII bathroom products with real consumer life in a deep scenario

Let the concept of quality life penetrate into every consumer


A unconventional brand upgrade and new product launch event

Make a commitment to a quality life with HeGII

To demonstrate HeGII's leading position in the bathroom industry

We have planned a unique experience for this press conference


In the ideal bathroom space jointly created by Song Jia, quality life designer Meng Ye, and HeGII

This groundbreaking press conference banquet has kicked off

Not only will the concept of "high-quality life" be deeply rooted in every aspect

Let every participant immerse themselves in another advancement of HeGII's high-quality life created for consumers

HeGII brand advocates endorsing Tiantuan's "truer declaration"


During the execution of the Campaign

HeGII brand's overall platform voice has increased by 70%

Brand favorability increased to TOP1

Significant increase in the number of young people aged 26 to 30, with a more youthful target audience

2023 HeGII Brand New Upgrade

We promote HeGII to become a pioneer force in the development of a quality lifestyle

Leading the industry into the next golden twenty years of China's bathroom industry with a new posture

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