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Please ask the best writers to write for the least skilled ones

A heavy rain, and someone couldn't sleep.

"Currently, the main flood season is nearing its end, but the weather situation remains complex. Early frost, cold dew, typhoons, droughts, and floods still pose significant risks, and there is great climate uncertainty." People's Daily

For the darkened malt on the ground, for the pears that fell just after bearing fruit, for the cornfields flattened by the wind and rain, and for those who care deeply about local produce, the farmers who are deeply rooted in the land are the same.

Every sprouting crop carries the sincerity of the land, soaked in the sweat of farmers who work tirelessly year-round. To do justice to this friendship, for the third year of the JD Agriculture Special Products Shopping Festival, we asked writers to lend their voices.

Please let Liang Xiaosheng speak for the corn in this world.


Please let Mai Jia join a delicious mystery.


Please let Zi Jin Chen figure out who was the first to eat crab.


Please let Ye Zhaoyan express his thoughts on the red tea he has loved for years.

This year, at the Agriculture Special Products Shopping Festival, we did one thing

We asked China's renowned writers to write copy for the farmers and promote local specialties to a wider audience.

Write poetry for local agricultural products

In the dissemination of various festivals in the past, people have focused on promoting and calling for attention, but in this event led by agricultural specialties and writers, it is a social public welfare that cannot be ignored. Please ask the most proficient writers to write copywriting for the unscrupulous farmers and sell their specialties. This is the most sincere and practical motivation.

Writers. Farmers.

Words. Crops.

Two seemingly different worlds, but they share an inseparable connection.

Writers cultivate words on paper, and farmers sow seeds in the land; writers produce intellectual sustenance, and farmers nurture physical sustenance. The spirit of agricultural civilization is ingrained in every Chinese person's genes. Writers and farmers are both hardworking individuals in their respective fields.

Most Chinese literary writers have an unbreakable bond with their hometowns. Just like Mr. Liang Xiaosheng in the film, he is a native of the northeast who grew up eating corn on the cob. He wrote "The World of Men" with its myriad flavors, and although he has roamed the complex world, even in his old age, he still remembers the sweet taste of the corn from his hometown in the northeast.

In contrast to typical promotional copy, this creative approach delves deeply into the inherent connections between writers and farmers, words and crops. By incorporating each writer's personal experiences, they use stories, memories, and reflections on their homeland to represent their fellow villagers and give a voice to the silent crops.

Satisfy your appetite and nostalgia.

Does a bountiful harvest always have to be represented by golden aerial shots? We provide a different answer.

The entire film was shot using an upgraded approach, complemented by the storytellers' narratives, giving the entire film a warm human touch. It can be described as a short film with an inherent "atmosphere."

Under this common atmosphere, individuality is also well presented. Combining the unique writing styles of the four writers, the film interprets multiple genres. The spy novel master Mai Jia's "Operation Codename Sunite" is filled with tension brought about by lamb; in the "Hidden Corners," Zi Jin Chen's enigmatic question about "Who was the first to eat crab?" arises spontaneously. Different yet collectively splendid, they establish a unique form of romanticism for the Harvest Festival.

In addition to the four writers in the film, ten other writers from all over the country have also written copy for their fellow villagers.

While writer collaborations are not uncommon, what is rare is that the writers "personally picked up the pen." Every writer invited to participate said in unison: "I will write. I will write about their cravings, their stories, and their nostalgia."

Why is autumn called 'Golden Autumn'?

Perhaps it's not just the golden color of corn and wheat, but this golden harvest should also land in the pockets and smiling faces of the farmers.


Just as the viewpoint expressed at the end, a bountiful harvest is not only about corn in baskets and autumn pears plucked from branches. It's about the agricultural products that grow on the land, and their ability to find a way out of the mountains. To be known and loved by more people, to appear on the tables and fruit platters of people across the country, this is the true meaning of today's advertisement, which goes far beyond just being an advertisement.

180 Observations

180 has unique insights into the relationship between charity and business. Charity and business are not opposites but can be mutually integrated and mutually reinforcing. The key is to find the inherent connection between charity and business. This advertisement combines the storytelling of literary writers with the characteristics of agricultural products to create a brand image that resonates emotionally with consumers. It attracts consumer attention through warm storytelling and brand-building with a sense of social responsibility, encouraging them to participate in and support agricultural aid activities.


On one hand, it invites renowned writers to write copy for agricultural products, allowing the writers to deeply understand the stories behind these specialty products. They then convey these stories to consumers using the unique literary language of the writers. By combining the writers' experiences and their emotions towards their hometowns and agricultural products, more storytelling and emotional value is added to the agricultural products. This method increases product recognition and reputation, strengthens the brand image, and resonates emotionally with the audience, establishing a new emotional connection with consumers and attracting a broader audience.


On the other hand, the advertisement expresses the brand's social values. JD.com closely integrates business with social responsibility, aiming to promote the sales and promotion of agricultural products through the brand's influence and resources while making a contribution to society. This sense of social responsibility can enhance the brand image, build trust, and earn consumer loyalty because they identify with the brand's values.


This charitable marketing strategy not only enhances brand influence and reputation but also achieves a win-win for charity and business. It not only helps achieve the brand's business goals but also has a positive impact on society.

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