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JD Home Appliances and Song Jia asked the young man together, 'What should a home look like?'?

A phenomenon: contemporary young people are keen to chase the latest digital products, whenever the new Phone listing necessary to update, late-night queuing to buy co-branded tide shoes ...... but back home, into the living room kitchen, but also with parents generation or even grandparents generation of old home appliances, old appliances, home appliances for the convenience of life and happiness, seems to be The convenience and happiness that home appliances bring to life seems to be far from attracting them. 

As a leading brand in the field of home appliance retailing, this is a sharp proposition that Jingdong Home Appliances is facing. How to break this sub-dimensional wall of old and new home appliances, so that young people are willing to upgrade their appliances at home, so that home appliances are not just daily necessities placed in the home, but become a trendy product to be chased.

This double 11, to see the answer given by Jingdong home appliances --

How does Song Jia, as the brand ambassador of Jingdong Home Appliances, talk to young people?

During the creative phase of this campaign, there was a starting point of Song Jia moving to a new home, hoping to tell the story of Song Jia building a new home around appliances. In the story, instead of letting Song Jia use the new trendy appliances, the hope was that Song Jia would ask the whole community questions, answered by real young hipster users, all about the new trendy appliances.

So Sonja received the following list of amazing appliances.

A screen-throwing TV that can double up on hacking


A Netflix pot for a full meal at home  


A rice cooker that steams low-sugar rice


A micro steam air wash washing machine


And a hood that reads your hand signals


And a refrigerator with a see-through plug-in


At the end of the story Song Jia said: new style new upgrade Jingdong tide electricity, this is the new home I want, it seems that flower sister by the tide people tide electricity deep grass! Wake up the tide ability of home appliances, as the main consumer of new home appliances, so that young people can better perceive, aspire to, and buy, Jingdong home appliances in this double 11 to convey a new concept of home appliances, home appliances are not different from digital products, trendy clothing, the same can be for life to bring a more lasting sense of well-being, they can liberate the hands, but also can become a family life productivity tools. Smart, high value, black science and technology, magical function, save trouble and worry, and even mediate couple cold war, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship.

This is the tidal ability of the BOE appliances.


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